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Real Estate Investing: Smarter. Faster. Together

When it comes to real estate investing don’t play games with your money. Connect with like-minded real estate pros and invest with a team.

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Breeds Success

HouseJerk gives you an organized advantage whether you’re just getting started or if you’re a seasoned real estate investor looking to give your existing business a boost. HouseJerk provides real estate professionals with incredible tools, resources and the networking opportunities they need to make Money Smarter. Faster. Together!

Housing Development


When we work together. Things come together. Connecting and educating Real Estate investors across the nation.



It's really that simple. Connect with real estate investors across the nation and earn while you learn.

Membership Benefits

Smarter - Easy System

HouseJerk teaches a simplified system that assists individuals with options to get Started Quickly in Real Estate with little or NO money down and without relying on credit.

Faster - Useful Tools

HouseJerk’s technology is designed so that You can easily learn and master creative ways to invest in Real Estate Faster.

Together - Pro Advantage

Are you already a seasoned investor? Take advantage of our Nationwide Network, Easy to use tools and resources that can maximize the earning potential of your existing Real Estate business!

Vendor Ads

As a member you can post your vendor ads to our community.

Credit Monitoring

Get help with your credit. We have professionals to help you build and monitor your credit.

Foreclosure Reports

Get access to foreclosure reports.


Why HouseJerk?


Real Estate investors, agents, brokers and other professionals who join HouseJerk as Affiliate Members enjoy access to leading Real Estate information, professional resources, continuing education, management tools, marketing materials and opportunities to network regularly with like-minded business professionals across the nation and much more. Be sure to make the most of your Affiliate Membership by taking advantage of all HouseJerk has to offer.

Clean Neighborhood

As Your Network Improves, So Does Your Opportunities! Not A Member, Yet?

HouseJerk has built an active Real Estate community that’s unique and stands out above the rest.  A great network isn’t just one that gathers groups of people. It’s how we work Smarter to achieve our goals Faster — Together.

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Expand your knowledge toolkit by reading from the most prominent experts

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